Enjoy your stay in thatched Japanese cottages “Miyama FUTON&Breakfast”

If you are looking for a traditional Japanese living experience in rural area, you would love to try Miyama FUTON&Breakfast, one of the Japanese inns attracting attention nowadays.

Miyama FUTON&Breakfast is an inn where you can stay in an old private house with a thatched roof, produced by thatched craftsman.

Miyama FUTON&Breakfast

Mr. Shuichiro Ono, an inbound tourism consultant who has successfully promoted inns and hotels all over Japan for foreign tourists for 15 years, tells us what makes Miyama FUTON&Breakfast stands out as below.

  • You can stay in thatched old folk house
  • You can stand in the original Japaese landscape
  • It is located near by Kyoto city (90 minutes by car)

150 years old vintage house

There are 4 cottages Each has its own characteristics, and you can choose according to your travel companions, number of people, and how to enjoy your trip.

The main cottage “Hanabusa” is 150 years old and registered as a site of cultural heritage. 

The owner, Mr. Haruo Nishio, himself is the thatched craftsman who rehearsed thatched roof training not only in Japan but also in the UK. According to Mr. Nishio, thatched roofs have a history of more than 5,000 years. Our ancestors have started to build roofs with grass around when they have started living in nature.

Here is the short movie about making Miyama FUTON&Breakfast. You will see how he has been facing with passion to thatched roofs.

It is said that almost all the guests regrets not have stayed more than two nights. Miyama Futon&Breakfast may be a place where the vitality of a primitive life in nature can be restored in the guests.

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Miyama Futon&Breakfast thatched cottages
Address: 601-0751 Hanabusa-29 Miyamacho Shima, Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
TEL: 0771-75- 5125(9:00-18:00)

who introduces the inn…

Shuichiro Ono
Inbound tourism consultant / CEO of Jissen! Inbound
He also serves as a tourism area support specialist for promoting wide-area excursions at the Japan Tourism Agency and as an adviser for tourism town development in Tokyo.
URL: https://www.jissen-inb.com/english/
Instagram(@ryokanese_japan) is full of wonderful Japanese inns’ photos!

text: Chihiro Karasuda




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