Any ideas for new outfits? “KYOTO HAORI Competition”

The “Kimono-Suitable City, Kyoto” Executive Committee is currently holding the “KYOTO HAORI Competition” with the theme of “New HAORI from Kyoto” in order to promote the kimono production area. The members of the committee are Kyoto Prefecture, etc.

The entry period is until January 31, 2023、and the submission deadline is February 22, 2023.

Haori, which is worn over a kimono, has long been used as a formal dress and as a fashionable item that protects against the cold and stains. One of the features is that the length and pattern change with each season, and the basic style is to wear it with the collar folded back and fastened with a haori string.

Haori is gaining attention overseas as a stylish fashion item. In order to spread the attention of haori from Kyoto to the world, The Committee is trying to rebrand it as “HAORI”, which is a new way to send out Kyoto, and they are soliciting ideas for new clothing that can be worn in everyday life.

KYOTO HAORI Competition Application Guidelines
[Submission] New haori from Kyoto “HAORI” (work production)
[Entry period] December 2, 2020 (Friday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)
[Deadline for submission of works] Wednesday, February 22, 2023
[Qualification requirements] Anyone can apply. No restrictions on age, nationality, place of residence, etc.
[Work regulations]
Whether it is Japanese clothes or Western clothes, it is intended to be worn over clothes
・Must be a planar configuration*
・Must be actual size
*The plane composition is the basic structure of Japanese clothes, which is made by sewing together straight cut pieces of cloth.
Details ▶ Competition application page

京都から発信する新しい装いのカタチ|「きものの似合うまち・京都」実行委員会 のプレスリリース
「KYOTO HAORI コンペティション」を開催します!/京都府ホームページ




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