Hot spring inn along the Mt. Hakone stream “Kijitei Hoeiso”

Kijitei Hoeisyo is another inn that we recommend you to visit to feel traditional and genuine Japanese culture and beautiful nature.

It is a Onsen Ryokan, hot spring inn, located in Hakone-Yumoto. You can reserve the outdoor hot spring bath along the mountain stream.

箱根の山々に囲まれた、渓流沿いの温泉旅館「雉子亭 豊栄荘」

Mr. Shuichiro Ono, an inbound tourism consultant who has successfully promoted inns and hotels all over Japan for foreign tourists for 15 years, tells us what makes Kijitei Hoeiso stands out as below.

  • Open-air bath along the mountain stream
  • Delicious cuisine (you can enjoy pheasant meat hot pot)
  • Friendly and helpful service

Its independent cottage, the old folk house(more than 400 years old!) which has been relocated from Okuhida 50 years ago, is used be a traditional Japanese restaurant and popular with its authentic cuisine. Kijitei Hoeisyo is named after its specialty. Pheasant is “Kiji” in Japanese. Famous Japanese writer, Mushanokouji Saneatsu (1885-1976) was the godfather.

Kijitei Hoeisyo is named after its specialty pheasant dishes. Pheasant is "Kiji" in Japanese.

Pursuing sustainability

The owner Mr.Hara Kenichiro told us about their effort to pursuing sustainability.

“Now we use the wooden chip boiler to heat hot springs, but originally, we have used heavy oil. However, by looking at the mountains of Hakone from our villa, I have found that we have such a precious resources of this mountain, the woods, and the idea to make a good use of those resources have come up to me. This became the starting point for the introduction of the wooden chip boiler. Using the trees of Hakone also helps to keep the local mountains in a healthy state.

In order to realize this, I had the help of the network of the Global Environment Division of the Small Business Entrepreneurs Association that I belong to. It was a really hard way to realize. I could not do this by myself.”

Mr. Hara is also trying to make the most of the tourist attractions of Hakone. From a big point of view, he is thinking about “utilizing” the nature of Hakone with comrade.

“Hakone originally has lots of valuable resources. Woods, of course, many attractive cultures and natures unique to Japan that you would like to see more.”

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TEL: +81-460-85-5763

who introduces the inn…

Shuichiro Ono
Inbound tourism consultant / CEO of Jissen! Inbound
He also serves as a tourism area support specialist for promoting wide-area excursions at the Japan Tourism Agency and as an adviser for tourism town development in Tokyo.
Instagram(@ryokanese_japan) is full of wonderful Japanese inns’ photos!

text: Chihiro Karasuda




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