About Us

About Us

Welcome to japonism.jp! This site is the media that introduces “Like!” in Japan.

What is “Like!”?

“Like!” is thing want you want to see, place where you want to go, and experience which you want to have in Japan. We, japonism.jp editors, introduce you those “Like!” such as…

Kimono – Kimono is traditional Japanese costume. It has, as an art, as a craft, as fashion, so many “Like!”

Tokyo – Tokyo is a huge city with bunch of “Like!” to visit. From a historical temple to a brand new site of art … we deliver intellectually stimulating information to you.

We are very happy if you find a piece of idea to enjoy Japan more!


For inquiries to this site, please contact the following e-mail address. Although we are keeping a prompt reply in mind, please be advised that reply may be delayed due to circumstances. Personal information that we contacted on this site will only be used for replying to inquiries and will not be used for other purposes.

E-mail address: japonismxxx@gmail.com