New Open Hostel “UTSUWA”:Kyoto-Higashiyama

New Open Hostel “UTSUWA”:Kyoto-Higashiyama

The hostel “UTSUWA” will officially start the services at Kyoto-Higashiyama area on August 1st, 2018.

Kyoto-Higashiyama is the area in where plenty of cultural heritage sites, such as Sanjusangendo Temple and Kiyomizu-dera Temple, have their location.

Within the two-story house of “UTSUWA”, Japan ceder is used as interior finish. 35 bunk beds style dorm rooms are provided. 

The word “utsuwa” literally means “vessel” or “container” in Japanese, and commonly refers to any kinds of cups and bowls. This hostel “UTSUWA” named after this word concept willing to offer their costumers a warm, meticulous service just like being at home.

New Open Hostel “UTSUWA”:Kyoto-higashiyama
The ourtyard
New Open Hostel “UTSUWA”:Kyoto-higashiyama

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Costumers also enjoy the art works by Japanese creators displayed in the house during their stay. Creators such as…

  • Ryoji Hirose
  • Yutanpo Shirane
  • Isamu Gakiya

Isamu Gakiya is the artist who has drawn the illustration of the music album jacket of Shiina Ringo’s “Adam to Eve no Ringo”, her 20th anniversary tribute album.

Shiina Ringo’s “Adam to Eve no Ringo”, 20th anniversary tribute album

Shiina Ringo is a Japanese musician who has produced the breathtaking show at the Rio Olympic closing ceremony in 2016 below. She was also the music director of the whole show by Japan at the closing ceremony.

<Design hostel “UTSUWA”>
Address: 8-86 motomachi higashiyama-ku Kyoto city Kyoto
Accesss: JR Line Kyoto St. 14mins walking, Keihan Main Line ShichiJyo St.6 mins walking
Rooms: 35 beds
Structure: Wood frame construction 2 story level house
Site area: 208.69 ㎡
Floor area: 240.20 ㎡
Designer: TSUBAME ARCHITECTS、TGA Architects & Partners
Art Direction: Art and Reason Ltd. Masum Sasaki
Operator: Machipityu INC.
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