We have a new product! / New release! Maison Sushi “Sushi Card & Coin Case”

Looking for a new card case? How about one that looks like SUSHI?

The sushi fabric brand “Maison Sushi” has released new items “Sushi Card & Coin Case” and the shoulder bag “Sushi Sakosh”. Sales start from 11:00 am on November 1, 2020 at the official Maison Sushi online store.

“Maison Sushi” is a quality brand born from “Fujiyama Textile Project”, the industrial-academic collaboration project for the revitalization of Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Fujiyoshida is one of Japan’s leading textile areas.

Within Japan, Yamanashi has the highest number of sushi restaurants per person*. This is why Maison Sushi creates products named after popular sushi types. They collaborate with Tanabe Textile. Tanabe Textile is one of Fujiyoshida’s long-established manufacturers. They have been producing high-class cushions called “Kinran Cushion” (金襴座布団) for over 70 years.

“Horse mackerel”, “Squid”, and “Hamachi(yellowtail)” are added to the series of “Sushi Card & Coin Case” which is one of the most popular product lines of the Maison.

With the introduction of these new product, 6 types of the “Sushi Card & Coin Case”are available, including the already existing types such as “Lean Tuna”, “Fatty Tuna” and “Salmon”.

“Horse mackerel Sushi Card & Coin Case” 3,200yen
with wasabi-inspired snap buttons
The fabric looks like real rice! It is the master craftsmanship!!

See more detail at official online store (domestic delivery only) –> https://maison-sushi.jp

*Based on research by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2015.




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